Side Hustles and Saving

Lowering the Cost of Living

635892945489307890-1687753396_635754169415965100-1140038511_roommates_480_310_c1_c_t_0_0About a year after I had purchased my first apartment building, I decided that I wanted to fully rent it and move to another location. I just wasn't sure where. By living in one of the units in the apartment building, my cost of living was too high. First of all, I was losing about $775.00 per month because that is what the unit would rent for at the time; and I was occupying it! I was also spending another $125.00 for heat, electric, and internet. So in a way, I was spending about $900.00 per month on little old me. I could say that I was actually spending more like $810.00 because the equity that was being built came to about $90.00 per unit at that time. But even that was not sustainable or conducive to saving. So, I decided to move out, live with family for about 9 months, rent the unit, and buy another building.

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Funding a Vacation by Going to School

Swam with this guy! Really scared he might try eat me or something though...

Swam with this guy! Really scared he might attack me...

I have never been a proponent of individuals using credit cards unless they have a very good financial record and understand the implications fully. However, when used well, credit cards can be an effective way to get some returns on money we would be spending anyway. Small returns? Sure, but why not take advantage of it anyway?

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I Made $40 Per Month by Going to School

Printing3_Walk_of_Ideas_Berlin In a previous post, Getting A Free Education, I talked about how I went to school for free. But, that was a little misleading because I actually made about $40 / month by going to school. How can this be? It's actually really simple.

I was reimbursed by my employer for all expenses. That included tuition, books and fees.
To make money doing this, I just had to buy the best quality, newest edition books I could find required for that course, and then sell them when the course was complete. Would renting them have been cheaper? Certainly. But I was able to buy a few hundred dollars worth of books each year, get the money back from my employer, and then turn them around for about 80% of

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