I started this website because I found myself answering questions from people around me (family, coworkers, friends) on various finance topics. I wanted to share the information and experience I have gained. Not only that, but I was frustrated by the generic advice from most personal finance websites. Many of them talk of general ideas, but fail to expose the mechanisms behind them; especially when discussing real estate investing. There are really creative ways to invest in real estate that yield high returns and utilize capital effectively; mush more so than “standard” methods. Putting 25% down on a $300,000 building is just not feasible for most people in their early 20’s or 30’s when the benefit of time is greatest. That would be $75,000 in cash (locked up in a building) assuming that all other closing costs could be rolled in. If the same purchase could be made for 3.5% down, it would be a mere $10,500.

Over the last decade I have been pursuing financial peace of mind and independence. I have tried hard to use creative techniques to generate wealth, make smart financial decisions, and hustle my way to a better life. I have made some terrible mistakes along the way, had incredible successes, and learned a lot. I am now in a position to retire early if I choose, spend time doing things that I enjoy. I have financial freedom that was only a dream years ago. I feel that now is the time to share the mistakes and successes I have made.

I experiment and try new things, a lot, which puts me in the position to write about things I have actually done, not just thought about or read about other people doing. That first hand experience is the most valuable asset I have and I hope that it will prove valuable for others of the same mindset.



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