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  • The 1031 Exchange Program (save a boatload on taxes)

    About 5 years ago, I was purchasing a property that had a few disclosures I had not heard of or come across ...
  • Buying a College Rental

    About 6 months ago, I cam across exactly what I was looking for (or what I thought I was looking for). I ...
  • The New Difference between FHA and Typical PMI

    In previous posts, I have written about the advantages of leveraging private mortgage insurance to acquire investment properties. While this is true, ...
  • Robin Hood

    In my experience and on the advice of professional and long time investors, day trading is not a good idea for the ...
  • Lowering the Cost of Living

    About a year after I had purchased my first apartment building, I decided that I wanted to fully rent it and move ...
  • The Intelligent Investor

    Too often, investors misunderstand what investing actually means. It is about finding value and growth. It is confused with speculation and the ...
  • Lending Club

    Lending Club is a platform for peer to peer lending. Like Prosper or SoFi, it allows investors the opportunity to lend money ...
  • Cozy

    When I first started managing my properties, I did what most landlords do. Every aspect was all manual and quite a lot ...
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